We are a chain of quality pilates studios in Denmark, located in Charlottenlund, Kolding, Roskilde, Kongens Lyngby, Rungsted, Furesø and Rudersdal.

The chain are founded by Jens Dyvig i 2014 and owned by Reeform Pilates Corporation, but most of the studios are franchise droven with local ownes. Reeform(r) are registred trademarks and Reeform(r) Pilates Studios(tm) are trademarks owned by Reeform Pilates Corporation.

You can book our classes on this site, by choosing the local studio on the landscape in the middle of the page and the click on "HOLDPLAN" to see our classes in the specific studio. 

All classes are in Danish, but all our instructors can support you - we only are 8 participants on the class. 




There are thousands of excercises which, you can perform as pilates, but merely 34 original exercises which Joseph Pilates named himself. Joseph named his training program Contrology. One of his original and essential principles is that if you perform the same exercises again and again –with precision, the training will become more efficient.

In this type of class, we focus on the original excersises added simple twists. The attendants will therefore still experience some variation. We will also focus on the the breath. Reeform Original is a good class to start up on, if you are new, as well a great class to hold to as a favorite. Reeform Original is perfect for you, if you have any kinds of shortcommings. We always play the bedst and most motivating music on this class, and you will go home with a great feeling of wellbeing.


This class focuses on all of the 6 classical pilates principles; breath, flow, centering, precision, control and concentration. The class will have more variations than Reeform Original and can be experienced more challenging. We have focus on working deep in to the body, and aim to work with all 628 muscles in the body. The tempo is somewhat steady, but the exercise is highly efficient. If you attend this class on a regular basis, you will se results fast. If you are new to Pilates, we recommend, that you begin with Reeform  Original.


This Class is for you, that want a hard and sweaty workout. The tempo in the exercises is high and the music is adjusted to this. We don’t work directly after Joseph Pilates original principles, but the different excercises are the same and equally functional.  This class is both cardio and strength, and we use the natural breathing here. We only use the jumpboard on this class. To be able to perform the exercises optimal, we recommend a Reeform Original first.


This class focuses on your self-control in relations to your body. It is a body and mind class, where the workout can be more mental than sweaty. Anything can happen here, and it will depend on the teacher’s individual signature how this class will be. Reeform Control can therefore be a more yoga oriented class, but also a class with more challenging Pilates exercises, where you are challenged in more than one way. We have a great deal of focus on the original principles particularly breath. On this class, you will experience how your body evolves in a beautiful way. The music will be adjusted the instructors signature. To benefit from this class, we recommend, that you are confident with Reeform Classic first.